Recovering the digital Old Minster of Winchester

This shows a reconstruction of the Old Winchester Minster. It was originally modelled and animated by the IBM United Kingdom Scientific Centre in Winchester in 1984, and has been recovered and prepared for modern software by Reilly, Walter and Todd [Recovering the digital Old Minster of Winchester]

On a small screen, scroll to the bottom to see the image. You can interact with the mouse: left button to rotate, centre button or wheel to zoom, right button to pan.
Keys include HOME to reset transform, ESCAPE to clear 'stuck' keys, and first person movement:

W: forward I: look up ↑: move up
A: leftS: backD: right J: look leftK: look downL: look right ←: move left↓: move down→: move right

Experimental: the '=' key will make a full rather than sliced minster (not quite joined correctly). The '#' key will performa a flythough, weakly based on the orginal and not yet tuned.

On a phone or tablet use single finger rotate, two finger zoom and three finger pan.

Software used:

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