three.js webgl - interactive distance matrices

Select (see below) one or two RAWobserved files to display its contact matrix.

This will be displayed as 4 matrices with increasing zoom levels. A single file will be shown in black/white, and a pair of files will be shown in yellow and blue.

Click or drag in any zoom level to change what is displayed at the higher levels. On a machine with faster graphics dragging will be more interactive, but on a machine with slower graphics clicking is more certain.

It is usually best to start the selection process in the top left (widest view) matrix to get a selection in the top right (fairly wide) view.

Then refine the selection by click/drag in the top right to get a finer selection in the bottom left (fairly close view). Complete the selection by clicking or dragging in this bottom left view to get a very fine selection in the bottom right.

To select a RAWobserved file:

When you have selected a region you can drag from the Drag to FoldSynth button that will appear onto FoldSynth.

FoldSynth will then set thje active fold from your selected region. Alternatively, drag into a text editor and the appropriate commands for a FoldSynth script will be dropped.

When final selection made drag this box onto FoldSynth, or onto a text editor of FoldSynth script file.
Refine selection in more detailed matrices (higher numbers) by clicking or dragging in the less detailed ones.
files pending selection

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