Spotify Album Search proxy launcher.

To run Spotify Album Search you must run the special proxy. You will need to accept the authorization to run this proxy. Once it is running ok, this window should be replaced with the Spotify Album Search.

I have tested this on Chrome, Firefox and IE8, running under Windows. I have not been tested on earlier IE versions, or on other operating systems. I regret that differences in the way Opera and Safari run plugins and javascript mean it does not currently work on those browsers.

IE8 and Safari have less rigid cross site limitations, and can launch requests from a file held in the local file system to another domain. If you use one of these browsers and wish to avoid running the special proxy, copy the file "" to your local file system and launch it from there.

This proxy requires authorization because it makes requests to the Spotify domain from the domain that hosts the search. For more information see here

Proxy to allow cross-site scripting

This proxy has been designed to run with Spotify album search, but is generic.