Google Maps directions to TomTom itinery converter.

This is a utility to convert Google Map planned routes to TomTom itinery files.

Source Route Paste the route link copied from Google Maps here:
Becuase of Google curiosities, you may have to add 'uk' to UK postcodes.

Click this button to see just the TomTom output. You can then save as text to save the result as a .itn file.

Alternatively, you can copy and paste the route (blue) below.

Target Route in TomTom format:

result in new format...

To use:

  1. Plan the route in Google Maps in the ususal way; probably taking advantage of the drag-and-drop mechanism to get exactly the route you want.
  2. Copy the Google Maps link location from 'Link to this Page'. Details depend on browser: in Firefox, right click on 'Link to this Page' and select 'Copy Link Location'
  3. Open this page.
  4. Paste the link into the Source Route box.
  5. The result will appear in TomTom .itn format.
  6. To put the result in a file. Either [1] Click the toSaveAs button to see the TomTom itn only, and use the browser to save as a text file. Or [2] Copy and paste into a text editor and save the file.
  7. Finally, copy the file to your TomTom itn directory.

I would like closer integration with Google Maps, and an easier way to write to the file system (and even the TomTom). I'm not quite sure how to do either of these ....

The result will include all the steps from the Google plan. This seems to be an appropriate granularity to make a TomTom itinery that is not absurdly long, but which has enough points to ensure that TomTom navigation will select the route exactly as seen in Google Maps. Just using the weypoints used in defining the route to Google can mean that TomTom takes a different route from the plan. Including all the polygon points gives a very large file.

I also considered a couple of alternatives. These didn't quite suit me, but may suit you better.

  2. Tyre:

The areas below are used as part of the operation. They are not strictly necessary, but could be useful for debug.


Formatted result including coordinates. These are not too useful, but together with the javascript that generates them may give some ideas for related code.

div result ...

Formatted result in standard Google format: